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Attack On Titan summary:

is a series created by Hajime Isayama. The series is based on a fictional story of humanity’s last stand against man-eating giant creatures known as Titans. The series commenced in 2009 and has been going on for 6 years now. Attack on Titans manga is expected to continue with the success, and even get better with time. According to the series’ editor Kuwakubo Shintaro, there are approximately 3 years’ worth of chapters yet to be published for the extensively popular manga. Set in an alternative universe about a century ago, when the grotesque giants known as titans attacked and consumed all but a few thousand humans. The 3-15 meters tall giants looked extremely similar to humans, and when they appeared, they almost drove humanity into extinction. The few lucky survivors took refuge and hid behind giant walls. They built the 3 set of high, solid walls around their capital to keep the Titans off and save them from these monsters. For over a hundred years after the survivors built the walls and hid from Titans, peace had prevailed, and humanity enjoyed the sweetness of freedom and safety. They forgot all the bad memories of the gory past. After one hundred and two years of peace and joy, suddenly a sixty-meter-tall titan attacked the outermost wall. What could have been humanity’s worst nightmare had suddenly come to life, and the pain and fear of perishing began to reign in their minds. Other titans entered the part of the city between the first two walls, then killed and ate people living there. Eren Jaeger, a ten-year-old boy who had witnessed his own mother perish in the hands of the titans, vowed to avenge his mother’s death against the titans and wipe the giant creatures out completely. The boy joined Training Corps, which trained people who were ready to join the war against titans, and five years later he fights his first battle against the titans.The narrative of Attack on Titan Manga revolves around the experiences of his foster sister, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, as well as their childhood friend. Following the wall which protects Titans breach their hometown of Shinganshina, Eren sees in horror as his mom is eaten by among them.Five years after, the three cadet graduates are placed in Trost District, one among the border towns when the Titans assault again jutting out of Wall Rose. In the ensuing conflict, among the Titans eats Eren before the eyes of Armin. A Titan after appears and starts fighting with the other Titans while blowing off people; the Titan is disclosed to be Eren, that has acquired the capability to transform into one. After being put on trial for being a risk to the people, he's taken in from the Survey Corps' Special Operations Squad, headed by Captain Levi.In a expedition to Shinganshina, a Female Titan who tries to get Eren attacks the Scouts. Even though the Scouts really are able to briefly get the Female Titan, free and devastates Levi's squad breaks, driving the expedition to pull away. Armin decides the Female Titan is among the cadets who instructed Eren to fight, Annie, and formulates a strategy to get her at Stohess. In this operation, collateral damage shows that Titans make up the walls enclosing the human settlements and reside in.Some of Eren's pals will also be disclosed in order to transform into Titans and was sent as spies by an unidentified party to locate something called "The Coordinate". It's after verified that the Coordinate is the capacity to command other Titans at will, and that that power is held by Eren. The Military Police as well as the royal family track his buddy Krista Lenz and Eren, who's really Historia Reiss, the successor to the king that is true, Rod Reiss, as the present king is but a figurehead.Eren also gets a fresh power that enables him to create long-lasting and substantial constructions the Survey Corps mean to make use of so that you can seal the breach in Shinganshina and retrieve Wall Maria
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 138: A Long Dream 1,026,812 Mar 06,21
Vol.34 Chapter 137: Titans 852,343 Feb 12,21
Chapter 135 611,124 Dec 10,20
Chapter 133: Sinner 526,638 Oct 07,20
Chapter 132 519,598 Sep 08,20
Chapter 131: Rumbling 527,807 Aug 08,20
Chapter 129 505,738 Jun 06,20
Chapter 128: Traitors 598,149 May 11,20
Chapter 126 644,037 Feb 05,20
Chapter 125 675,305 Jan 07,20
Chapter 124: Melting Away 916,963 Dec 06,19
Chapter 120: Instant 721,794 Aug 25,19
Chapter 117: Judgement 609,822 Aug 25,19
Chapter 115: Support 478,125 Aug 25,19
Chapter 113: Violence 429,214 Aug 25,19
Vol.27 Chapter 110: Liar 447,088 Aug 25,19
Vol.27 Chapter 109: Guide 411,056 Aug 25,19
Vol.27 Chapter 107: Visitor 439,595 Aug 25,19
Vol.26 Chapter 104: Victors 370,425 Aug 25,19
Vol.26 Chapter 103: Assault 361,627 Aug 25,19
Vol.24 Chapter 95: Liar 262,849 Aug 25,19
Vol.22 Chapter 89: Meeting 177,258 Aug 25,19
Vol.21 Chapter 86: That Day 140,254 Aug 25,19
Vol.21 Chapter 83: Cleaver 109,835 Aug 25,19
Vol.20 Chapter 82: Hero 119,448 Aug 25,19
Vol.20 Chapter 81: Promise 106,678 Aug 25,19
Vol.19 Chapter 78: Descent 89,190 Aug 25,19
Vol.17 Chapter 69: Friends 87,633 Aug 25,19
Vol.16 Chapter 66: Wish 78,381 Aug 25,19
Vol.16 Chapter 63: Chains 77,861 Aug 25,19
Vol.15 Chapter 62: Sin 78,601 Aug 25,19
Vol.15 Chapter 61: Reply 73,501 Aug 25,19
Vol.15 Chapter 60: Trust 79,656 Aug 25,19
Vol.14 Chapter 56: Actors 78,836 Aug 25,19
Vol.14 Chapter 55: Pain 83,599 Aug 25,19
Vol.12 Chapter 50: Scream 83,191 Aug 25,19
Vol.12 Chapter 49: Charge 72,075 Aug 25,19
Vol.12 Chapter 48: Someone 71,651 Aug 25,19
Vol.11 Chapter 46: Opening 77,032 Aug 25,19
Vol.11 Chapter 45: Hunters 73,694 Aug 25,19
Vol.10 Chapter 42: Warrior 78,150 Aug 25,19
Vol.10 Chapter 40: Ymir 74,066 Aug 25,19
Vol.10 Chapter 39: Soldier 71,552 Aug 25,19
Vol.9 Chapter 36: I'm Home 75,996 Aug 25,19
Vol.8 Chapter 33: Wall 76,013 Aug 25,19
Vol.8 Chapter 32: Mercy 74,497 Aug 25,19
Vol.8 Chapter 31: Grin 77,081 Aug 25,19
Vol.7 Chapter 30: Losers 73,563 Aug 25,19
Vol.6 Chapter 25: Bite 74,852 Aug 25,19
Vol.3 Chapter 13: Wound 84,483 Aug 25,19
Vol.3 Chapter 12: Icon 93,262 Aug 25,19
Vol.3 Chapter 11: Response 91,707 Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Roar 92,638 Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 2: That Day 163,730 Aug 25,19
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