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  • Ankoku Kishi No Ore Desu Ga Saikyou No Seikishi Wo Mezashimasu

    Ankoku Kishi no Ore desu Ga Saikyou no Paladin wo Mezashimasu ; I'm a Dark Knight But Aim to Be the Strongest Holy Knight ; 暗黒騎士の俺ですが最強の聖騎士をめざします

  • Author(s) : Nishijima Fumikara Shiranui An ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov 25,2021 - 12:51 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 10,066,746
  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Harem, School life, Shounen, Slice of life,
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  •   Mangakakalot rate : 4.59/ 5 - 1337 votes

Ankoku Kishi No Ore Desu Ga Saikyou No Seikishi Wo Mezashimasu summary:

Kai, who comes from a family that specialized in dark-style occupations, sought even greater strength.One day, he saved the fourth royal princess who was under attack by monsters. This was the the trigger for him managing to join an academy that specializes in training people for holy occupations.He endures training so incompatible with his physical constitution that it could make him faint, all to become the polar opposite of the strongest dark knight—the Kingdom's strongest holy royal knight, The Royal Paladin.An occupation-change drama of a genuine dark knight begins!!"Now let us enjoy our deathmatch—to our hearts' content"
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