I Am Not Your Enemy

I Am Not Your Enemy

Chapter 7: Assassins

Mi Yo-Chu, the second daughter of the general, was betrayed and killed by the Ding Palace's prince, Su Bu-Xiao, and her personal maid in her previous life and gets a chance to be reborn. "This time, I will protect those dear to me and not repeat the same mistakes twice." Despite that, she gets into the same scenario as when she fell for Su Bu-Xiao in her past life. Though this time, the so-called sophisticated young master seems to have changed, like he got a lot... dumber? He also clung to Mi Yo-Chu like crazy. That's because...the person currently inside of Su Bu-Xiao's body is a reincarnator from the 21st century! and currently he's trying to trigger the first event for meeting his capture target: the player gets in danger and is saved by the capture target, disregarding her own life. And so, he tangled a snake around his neck.

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